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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Nan Khatai

Nan Khatai -  

Nan Khatai is an Indian Cookie cum biscuit. They are little crunchy and taste  so nice. They get ready in a few minutes and is thus an easy recipe to make.  You can keep  them in an air tight container and can have them along with tea or just when you feel hungry. 
I hope you like this recipe and do try it.  Share your reviews for the same.

Preparation Time - 20 minutes

Cooking Time -  15 minutes

Total Time -  35 minutes

Serves -  10 nan khatai

Ingredients - 

  • Maida (Flour)  -  1/2 cup
  • Makai ka aata (Maize Flour)  -   6 tablespoon
  • Sooji (Semolina) -  2 tablespoon
  • Sugar -  1/2 cup
  • Ghee (Clarified Butter)  -  1/2 cup
Method -  

  • Preheat the oven to 180 degree centigrade. 
  • Take ghee and sugar in a bowl. Mix them properly till the sugar gets properly dissolved in the ghee. You can either mix them using a hand mixer or simply with a spatula. 
  • Seive maida,  makai ka aata and sooji. 
  • Add this seived mixture into the wet mixture ( ghee and sugar). 
  • Mix them properly till it forms a dough. 
  • Make small balls from the dough 
  • Press these balls a little. Make a small cut on their top using a knife.
  • Put these on a greased baking tray. 
  • Bake them for approximately 15  minutes at 180 degree centigrade. 
  • After they have baked, keep them aside till they get cooled properly. When you will take them out,  they might be a little soft in texture. Allow them to cool for a few minutes and you will get the proper original taste. 
Try this easy recipe and do post your reviews below in the comments. If you have any other suggestions or queries related to baking,  you can contact me at 


  1. Hi...what is
    Maida and
    Makai ka aata

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi. Maida is Flour. Makai ka aata means Maize Flour.