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Saturday, 31 December 2016

How to start baking?

How to start baking ? 

“ Baking is a science which requires the mind of an artist. “

Hello all of you.  I truly believe in the above written line. Baking is a science as it consists of proper measurement of ingredients,  time and temperature.  It requires an artist as it belongs to the category of 'food'  which obviously is a visual art. 

I have started this blog 'Delighted Baking'  to help people who wants to bake but have certain doubts may be regarding the recipies or the baking tools or anything else. I also want to act as a guide cum friend for home bakers who have their basics clear and want to improve or learn more. 

Lets come back to our current topic -  How to start baking? 

First of all,  the most common doubt people usually have is whether we can bake in a microwave or not?  From my experience, I can tell you all that microwave is not suitable for baking.  I had also tried baking in the microwave but the results were not at all satisfactory. I am not saying that the cake didn't bake, the cake baked, but not properly. So it is important to have an OTG if you want to bake nicely. If you just have to bake once or twice a year then microwave is fine. But if you are passionate about baking and want to become a nice home baker or may be a professional baker in future, an OTG is must.

Secondly, have some basic tools that are necessary for baking. For beginning,  you can just buy a cake tin,  preferably non stick cake tin as this will save you from oiling the cake tin or putting  a butter paper,  and a hand grinder.



Now the most important thing to keep in mind -  Try the easiest recipe on your 1st baking attempt. As the baking bug bites you,  you are tempted to try a nice choclate ganache or the lemon drizzle cake but please don't. Simply because if your first ever attempt fails,  it will leave you disheartened and will lower down your passion for baking. I would suggest to start with a simple recipe like a vanilla sponge cake or lets say a simple choclate cake.

Follow the recipe to the core. Don't try to mend the recipe according to you. Also always preheat your oven. Preheating the oven means heating the oven for 10 -  15 minutes to prehare the oven for baking.  Also set the temperature and the time as given in the recipe.

So all the best.  Start your baking journey. If you have any doubt at any point,  feel free to contact me.

Bon appetite!


  1. U r correct, even I would suggest to start baking with simple sponge cakes, only when perfection comes move forward to decirative ones.

  2. I love that quote that "Baking is science with the mind of an artist". How true! Once you know that basics, you can be a lot more creative. But at first, you really do have to follow recipes to a "T" to ensure they come out well.

    1. Yeah. Following recipies to a "T" is a must.

  3. I never thought that the microwave baking has any sense...but never tried. Thanks :)

    1. Initially I used to try baking in a microwave, but the results were not at all good. Then of course I bought an oven and my "baking skills" improved. 😉

  4. I've been baking for as long as I can remember so I've forgotten what it's like when you're first starting out! ��

  5. I love baking! I don't do it as much as I used to in the past. But this post has inspired me to start doing it again. Thank you!!

  6. Even though I have been baking for years now, I still sometimes fail. Thanks for this helpful post.

  7. I love to bake. It is one of my passions.